Who are you pretending to be?

Bruce Wayne, eccentric billionaire.

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Men of X-Men: Hands

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Detective Derek on the case.

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un film de Bertrand Bonello - SAINT LAURENT (x)

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Italy + Water  x

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Who do you want me to be?

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Fred O’Hare X Bunny.

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Derek Hale + Smiling


When we’re done with our Winter Soldier… There will be nothing left of who he was.

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #5 & TWS

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Sterek AU: Deputy Derek and the Sheriff have been working on a particularly hard case for a few months. This meant a lot of late nights working at the Sheriff’s house. Unfortunately for Derek this also meant a lot of time spent getting hit on by the Sheriff’s teenage son. Which was totally annoying and definitely not adorable, or flattering, or in any way tempting. Nope. Definitely not that.

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